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With this situation, we decided to verbally address it during staff meetings. After that, task sheets were updated by management in order to specify our expectations for our beloved residents which the manager of each building personally goes over with each caregiver before they leave. Our final precaution included a board that was pasted on each resident’s door for BMs and showers. All of the training should occur prior to a caregiver being allowed to work on the floor alone.

I feel like the next course of action should be detailed expectations in each room written by the family/trained professionals, if the expectations are still not met. Village Green expects only the best from our caregivers for our residents. If they still fail to meet our expectations, then it should lead to disciplinary action (write ups).

  • Starting with new hire paperwork comes back to this training, along with every new resident with their new resident orientation. Make sure ever staff member is aware of the Care Plan Assessment per each resident and their grooming needs. Revisit VG’s training videos or make this an in-service with an actual person to person training.
  • I’d stress how important is to always have our Residents groomed and looking great! Although they have dementia it’s a reflection of Village Green, it’s also a part of the dignity and respect VG offer our residents. If attempts have been made unsuccessfully it needs to be communicated with the Manager, so they can speak with family on a possible solution.
  • Task sheets should be reviewed daily per shift to ensure the ADL’s are being done daily.

Counsel employee on appropriate techniques, as well as notify employee of family dissatisfaction for this task. Encourage additional training for this task and follow up on employee performance.