Hello everyone! I am Nish Sabir, and I am the Director of Operations for these wonderful communities. I have a Bachelor's in English and Psychology. I am the very proud mother of 4 gorgeous kids, and most of you know my eldest daughter, Aria, who we consider the heart of Village Green! My hubby is the architect and the mastermind behind the VG concept and our beautiful buildings!

When I first walked in through the doors of Village Green in Conroe, deep in my heart I knew,I was home. It did not matter what my past training was, it did not matter what my degree was, I just recognized that this is where I needed to be. Since that day, I have never looked back. I studied all aspects of dementia, caring for those who don’t have a voice, and also leadership skills, to make sure that my team has direction, motivation, passion, and above all, lots of love. 

I recognize fully that we are here because we have an amazing team, passionate managers, and caregivers who go way above expectations! Village Green, for me, is home, and every resident that we have had the honor to love and care for, is family to us! I was led here during the most tumultuous time of my life, and somehow, this became my anchor, my rock, my purpose, and my peace. I love being with our residents, I love singing with them, (I don’t really dance), I love talking to them for hours on end about their journey, their memories, and their current reality. I have dug for treasure with them, and won millions of dollars in their lottery worlds! There is not a single thing that I would change about my calling.

 I wish we could change the course of this horrible disease. I wish we could care for lots more of our elders. I wish we could find a cure! But until then, we will keep on caring, loving, and laughing with those that have been entrusted in our care. I am truly humbled to have been given this opportunity! And a last shout out to all my wonderful gorgeous residents that are now free of this terrible disease.... we will always remember you, and we will always love you.... till we meet again!




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Village Green is a Licensed and Certified Alzheimer's Care Home.