Hey there, lovely souls! I'm thrilled to share a bit about myself with you!
I am originally from California, but have been in Texas for 20 years (Lets face it, I’m a TEXAN!). Fun fact: I come from a big family of 13 siblings- love , laughter and CHAOS is always abundant. I am the very proud mother of 4 children- 1 boy and 3 girls, and 2 dogs.

My educational journey started with studying psychology- the function of the human mind has always fascinated me. While I studied, I was working full time for emergency dispatch. It was truly a crazy eye- opening experience. I gained a new level of compassion and understanding for not so normal ,every day situations. It was an amazing 15 years full of laughter, shock and heartache.

Ive always had a natural passion for helping and caring for people- fueled deeper by the passing of my husband, whom I cared for in his final years. It was this experience that made me realize that helping and healing is where I want to be. This experience led me to obtain my CNA & Phlebotomy license’ and begin my journey as a caregiver.

I began working with Village Green in April of 2021. I started as a caregiver on the floor. Honestly speaking, it had been one of the most joyful “working” positions I have ever been privileged with.( I find it to be smooth as melted butter”) In 2022, I was humbled to be offered a management position for Village Green- a testament as to how much I enjoy what I do, and the growth I have been afforded. It excites me to learn about things I didn’t know before- and indulge in others’ wisdom. I cannot get enough of our residents, they honestly motivate me to get out of bed every day.

It truly is an honor to be part of this family. I feel like I was called here, and I hope to continue to grow with it for years to come.




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