Items Your Mom Needs to Bring to an Assisted Living & Memory Care

July 8, 2021

What Does Your Mom Need to Bring to an Assisted Living Community?

Many daughters want to know what their moms should pack as they prepare to move to either an independent or assisted living community? Packing for a move to a senior living community can be hard and emotional since it signals that this is the last and final move your parents will make. This is why it’s important for daughters, family members, and friends to help out with packing clothes and personal items so that parents feel loved and supported.

Packing is also an opportunity to organize and declutter. Think of it as a downsizing event as you can help your mom make a donations pile of items she decides she doesn’t want to bring to her retirement home. Any clothes that are ill-fitting, out of style, have stains, broken zippers or missing buttons are better off in a discard pile. So at this point, you have a stack of clothes that are going with your mom to the retirement home, and two piles, one is a donation pile and the other is a discard pile. The discard pile contains clothes that even Goodwill will say no to.

Pack Your Mom’s Favorites

You’ll want your mom to be relaxed and comfortable prior to, during, and after her move so you’ll want to make sure her favorite clothing items are packed to move with her. Clothing items that are important to pack include shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, leisurewear, swimsuits, robes, nightshirts, pajamas and any accessories they like to wear like scarves, belts, and. She will also need a two-week supply of socks, panties, and bras. Keep in mind that her new residence will likely have less wardrobe space than her current home, so choose wisely when selecting which belongings make the move.

What’s the Right Amount of Clothing to Pack?

It's a good idea to have enough clothing to last your mom for two full weeks. That way when it's laundry day each week your mom will have a full week's worth of clothes to wash and never have a day where she doesn't have something to wear.

Never Have to Wash Your Clothes Again

Imagine having someone wash your clothes each week. This is one of the pluses of moving into a retirement community. Your mom will never have to wash her clothes anymore. This means that all the clothes you help your mom pack must be machine washable. You also don’t want to pack any items that will shrink or fade in hot water or in the dryer. You’ll also want to avoid taking any delicate items that need to be hand-washed unless your mom insists and she’s willing to wash them herself. There’s also a good possibility she may not have a rack to hang hand-washed clothes on. Any items that need dry cleaning should be donated unless your mom's retirement home has a dry cleaning facility or you or another family member are willing to dry clean some of her favorite clothes.

Shoes, Sandals, Slippers, and Sneakers

Don’t forget to pack shoes, sandals, slippers, and sneakers. Make sure the slippers are non-skid so wearing them won’t cause a slip or fall. Winter boots and rain boots are items that should make the move too.

Consider Adding Name Tags

You’ll want to consider adding name tags to your mom’s clothes so they don’t get lost or accidentally get delivered to her neighbor. Misplacing clothes is the downside of having someone do your mom's laundry. If your mom frowns on the idea of having name tags on all her clothes and accessories, then she should compile a list of her entire wardrobe and have a staff member sign off it. This list can be brought up in case she ever has a clothing item missing.

Personal Care Items to Pack:

There are numerous personal care items that your mom will want and need. Here’s a list of must-haves for her bathroom cabinet, closet or dresser drawer if there’s not enough space:

  • Hand soap and bath gel
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Hairbrush, comb, hairdryer, rollers
  • Jewelry
  • Small mirror
  • Deodorant, razor, and shaving cream
  • Face and body lotion
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Makeup and makeup remover
  • Tissues, cotton swabs, and cotton pads
  • Eyeglasses, dentures, hearing aids
  • Vitamins and medications
  • Pantyhose, knee-highs, leggings
  • Hats
  • Umbrella
  • Walking cane, walker
  • Laundry bag and hangers

Where to Store Out-of-Season Clothing

Store your mom’s out-of-season clothing, shoes, or boots in her closet. You can also store some on a dedicated shelf in her dresser. If there still isn’t enough room in her bathroom or bedroom, consider getting some plastic drawer shelving to store her out-of-season clothing.

Safeguarding Valuable Jewelry

Your mom is better off wearing costume jewelry rather than her valuable pieces though she still may opt to wear some expensive jewelry like her wedding ring or diamond studs as they have sentimental value. Leave the remainder of pricey jewelry with a trusted family member or friend and add the valuable jewelry to your mom’s wardrobe list. If she doesn't already have insurance on her jewelry, this is a good time to consider opening a policy that covers lost or stolen jewelry. You can also consider purchasing a small safe to keep in your mom’s bedroom or opening a safety deposit box at her bank.

Consider Village Green

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