Effective Caregiving Strategies at Village Green

June 18, 2023

Caring for someone with dementia involves managing cognitive and behavioral symptoms that result from a decline in brain function. Learn effective caregiving strategies at Village Green Alzheimer's Care. The challenges vary based on the type and severity of dementia. For example, Alzheimer’s affects memory formation, while Lewy Body may lead to progressive memory loss, mood changes, and language impairment. Frontotemporal dementia may result in impulsive or inappropriate social behavior, which could lead to neglect of physical distancing and proper hygiene​.

Effective caregiving strategies employed at Village Green involve creating a daily routine and avoiding stress-inducing situations. It's crucial to maintain a calming environment and manage situations when the person with dementia becomes upset. Communication is an essential part of caregiving, but as dementia progresses, the person may lose their ability to express themselves and understand others. At Village Green, our caregivers are routinely trained in best practices such as maintaining eye contact, using the resident’s name, speaking slowly, discussing one topic at a time, asking yes-or-no questions, and using open and relaxed body language. For more information on our care and communities, please call us at (281) 208-5876.

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