Code Silver: Benefits, Criteria, and Functioning

October 28, 2021

Code Silver: Benefits, Criteria, and Functioning

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What is Code Silver?


Code Silver, also known as ‘silver alert’ is a program for adults who are having cognitive disorders. It goes on a state-by-state basis. Therefore the criteria, results, and benefits are experienced differently by every state.

Considering the growing population among seniors, it becomes difficult if an adult who has Alzheimer’s or with any such impairment goes missing. The chances of serious injuries and destructive circumstances increase. Hence, the silver alert can be found useful to locate the wandering and the needy one.

The benefits of Code Silver

Silver alert is an effective method to prevent unwanted tragedies and situations. For instance, when an Alzheimer patient goes missing, factors such as harsh climate, inappropriate location, dehydration, and other illness can become a major concern. If the event extends more than a day or two, chances of getting severely hurt or death is at the maximum. Hence, silver alert acts as a measure to reduce such complexity.


Criteria for Code Silver


The criteria for code silver are purely by state and its adopted policy. There is no special functioning body that exists for designing such criteria. Few of the criteria stated below are common and is followed globally which includes:

  • Age

The first essential factor for code silver is ‘age’. A minimum of 60 years is necessary to initiate this process. By this age, the person reaches the last stage of complexity in mental disorder.

  • Mental character

The second factor for consideration is the mental character. If the person has any sort of mental disorder or abnormal character the regulatory bodies can implement code silver.

  • Physical character

Lastly, if an adult has any physical disability or impairment, the regulatory bodies can go for code silver.

These are just a few of the many criteria, which are essential for conducting code silver.


How does the process of Code Silver function?

Like any other alert, silver alert follows the same set of procedures. There is a law enforcing body that keeps track of the missing people. For instance, when an Alzheimer's adult is missing, caregiver’s can share their complete description, latest photograph and last location with media, transport sector, and other regulatory bodies. To bring the missing adult home safely, the media can share the contact details of the caregiver too along with other information.

Experts suggest that caregivers must avoid such situations by being careful in the first place. For instance, not leaving such adults alone. To make the daily scenario less complicated, caregivers can observe and document the behavior of a person regularly. Thus, if ever an adult goes missing, these small details can be of great help for the local law enforcement body. The decision of issuing the silver alert depends on them.

The common method used for communicating such messages is sending signs to roadways and rail authorities. Even the media such as television, radio, online displaying of pictures, messages through social media plays a significant role in this process.

Once the person is located, the law enforcement body does strict verification, and the process of silver alert becomes successful and comes to an end.


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