7 Beginner's Activities For Seniors With Dementia | Rockwall

October 6, 2021

7 Beginner's Activities For Seniors With Dementia | Rockwall

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If you have a mom or dad who has recently been diagnosed with dementia, it can be a very worrying and uncertain time.
The symptoms are often difficult and upsetting for both you, and them.
You’ve probably read about how important it is that people with dementia remain active, both physically and mentally.
Not only does this help them to keep busy during the day, but it also helps them to get a restful night’s sleep.
There are lots of easy activities that persons with dementia can do, and that you can help them with.

7 Easy Activities For Dementia

1. Sorting Things

Sorting out stacks of things like coins, fabric, and buttons is a great activity for people with dementia.
The process of identifying what an object is and then sorting it into different piles helps to keep the brain engaged.
It also helps them to feel useful and like they have achieved something as a result of their work.

2. Jigsaw Puzzles

Completing a jigsaw puzzle is an enjoyable activity for a person with dementia.
Finding the right piece that fits into the puzzle keeps the brain active while also being a fun thing to do. It also helps to pass the time while completing the puzzle.
It may be a good idea to choose a jigsaw that has relatively large pieces as opposed to tiny ones. This will help them to identify more easily the shapes and patterns on the pieces they’re looking at.

3. Listening to Music

Music can have an incredibly positive effect on persons with dementia.
We often associate music with special memories, and it helps to bring comfort to those who have been diagnosed with the disease.
It helps them to recall memories that they may otherwise feel like they’ve forgotten.
There are many things to do while the music is playing, such as dancing, singing, and even painting.
Dancing to the music is a great activity for seniors with dementia as it also helps them to get some physical exercise at the same time. It’s just as important to keep the body moving as well as the brain.
Every morning here at Village Green we have Morning Melodies.
Residents can join us for some peaceful music – a perfect start to the day.

4. Looking At Photo Albums

Many older people have collected stacks of photo albums and enjoy looking through them.
It’s a chance to reminisce over old times and helps to engage the long-term memories that are often untouched by dementia.
This is a great activity that you can do with your loved one. It’s an opportunity to start a conversation about family and friends and to talk about old memories.

5. Preparing Meals

Carrying out simple tasks like making a sandwich or chopping some vegetables helps to provide persons with dementia with a sense of purpose.
As these are old skills they have learned, simple tasks should be relatively easy for them to do, even if they need a little guidance.

6. Bingo!

Bingo! Is a wonderful game for seniors with dementia. It tests memory and number recognition skills in a fun way without any pressure.
We hold a session of Bingo! every day for residents to join with. As we hold the game at the same time every day, residents know they have something to look forward to every morning.
Another benefit is that it encourages residents to come together and feel part of the community at Village Green.

7. A Bit Of Pampering

Hand massages with scented oils help to engage another of the senses.
A bit of pampering such as painting their nails, applying some makeup, or brushing their hair is a lovely treat for your loved one.
It is something that feels familiar, comforting, and offers a sense of normality – especially to those who like to take a lot of care in their appearance.

Schedule a Tour with us Today!

Here at Village Green Alzheimer’s Care Home, we have plenty of exciting activities on our schedule to keep your loved one busy throughout the day.
There’s a jam-packed calendar every month so you can rest assured that your mom or dad is being taken care of and staying active.
We would love for you to come down and have a tour of the home so you can see for yourself the wonderful amenities we have to care for your loved one.
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